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LogoVision is the operating partner to licensed brands for their official stores on As your official store manager we provide a wide range of services. From store building, to creative graphic art and design, to customer service, to merchandising and product procurement. We have a team of experts ready to serve your every need. As your official partner, LogoVision provides all the back-end operations, expertise, inventory-risk and marketing science needed to grow your licensed brand through Amazon, a channel that has overtaken .com retail. The future is marketplaces, where are you?


Amazon Experts

are a Turn-Key Solution for Licensed Brands

  • Product Merchandise Manager

    To keep your assortment relevant, our Product Merchandising Manager will analyze current sales trends and purchase or direct the creation of the best products for your store.

  • Inventory Analyst

    Maintaining sufficient levels of inventory is crucial to maximizing the sales of your listings. To optimize Amazon’s selling power our inventory analysts monitor your inventory in order to maintain proper levels.

  • Financial Analyst

    To assure maximum profitability our financial analysts will measure cost and Amazon’s fee profile to come up with the best competitive pricing for your listings.

  • 24/7 Customer Service Team

    Amazon requires all inquiries be responded to in less than 12 hours, including weekends. We have a robust team that answers inquiries immediately to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee and 5-star reviews.

  • Amazon Store Designer

    We have a full team of graphic designers with knowledge of the Amazon Store creation process. Our creative team will mock-up a layout for your store and create all the elements needed to make your store stand out!

  • Photographer

    To ensure your listings have the most visual impact, we have a professional photographer on staff ready to take high quality photos of your products. A variety of great photos and images are the cornerstone of a great listing.

  • AMS Media Buyer +
    Promotional Manager

    To maximize sales, customers need to find your products. Our Amazon Marketing Services and Promotional Managers will advertise and promote your listings, and provide reports to show how your listings build velocity on Amazon.

  • SEO + Listing
    Optimization Expert

    Your listings need to be searchable on Amazon to rank properly. Our SEO Manager maintains and optimizes products listings. Elements such as title, bullet points, keywords and A+ content are crucial to building a listing with the most impact.


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